Product Type
Ponios/Bobbles (19)
Scrunchie (18)
Lollipop (3)
Unicol (34)
Gingham (2)
Jersey (10)
Polycotton (1)
Velvet (5)
with Bow (6)
One Size (36)

Bobbles & Scrunchies

In plain colours selected to match popular school uniform schemes, we have hair accessories to suit even the strictest guidelines.

Our scrunchies come in gingham, jersey or for utmost luxury, velvet.

Particularly kind to the hair, our bobbles, elastics and ponios will suit every style and can be bought in a variety of packs and cases.  In particular, don’t miss our best-selling zipped wallet set with 24 assorted bobbles and ponios in 10 different colours.

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